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Jodi, Basketball player

The reason for me approaching you in the first place was because i was at the lowest of lows in my whole basketball career. I was broken down physically and emotionally by the coaching staff and found no way of getting back on top of things. I was in a position of where i had nothing to lose and i mean it literally. I was searching and trying everything to get back on track but nothing was working at the time.

To be honest i did not know what to expect from the sessions, i was a bit reluctant to believe it would even work! I have never had a problem in the past to play well so why would i need anyone's help now. I heard that other people from the team had sessions and came out smiling but did not specify on what happens in the session. So i thought i would give it a go. I was very nervous and was a bottled up emotional wreck. I don't think Paul actually realised what he was getting himself into. We sat in a quiet room and away from everybody and everything else, which made it easier to open up and trust. Paul asked a few simple questions like....what can i do to help? What do you need help with? etc. I told him everything and he just sat there and listened and cared about what i was going through. He also made me feel that i was not going through it all alone. Paul gave me a few of his own life experiences which was relevant to my situation, which made me feel a lot more trusting towards him with my feelings and what was really going on in my head. Our first session Paul was more of a shoulder to cry on. The weird thing is .... although i had spoken to friends and family about my situation and feelings within the team......i never felt as free and happy as i did after speaking to Paul. I trained straight after our session and it must have been the best training session i had played in a long time! He truely lifted a massive weight off my shoulders. In that training session i was able to concentrate about playing basketball and not what the coaches were doing! I quickly booked another session with Paul. I couldn't believe how one hours session of letting go could help as much as it did, i told my family straight away.
Next week came and we had our next session, this time it was more focusing on the techniques for me to face my fears and problems with a coach, which was established in our first meeting. To be honest i felt a little silly standing up and breathing deeply and putting the anxiety feeling into my stomach but boy, did it work! We also established that i become very emotional everytime this particular coach spoke to me, so we worked on that too. I never knew....when we tell our selves to not cry, it's a more than likely trigger to cry. I learnt that i had to say be strong.....feed the mind possitive thoughts and directions to do something rather than not do something. We also did some visualisation. Picture someone who i really respected and listen to no matter what they say and put their face and body where the problem coach was. I pictured a coach i had from when i was little and made me a national champion a year young. That coach made me the player i was. Out of everything we did, i found this the hardest because i would get too emotional. But putting all the techniques we tried together i knew i would be on a winning streak. A couple days later we had a game and Paul was there, he asked how everything was going and for me to remember what we had practiced in the sessions. I had the best game of the season so far!
I continued to pactice the techniques on my own and in other factors in my life (work etc.) and listened to the CD's he produced for me. We had a session about increasing our shooting at the free throw line, getting the mind relaxed and set and visualising an arched line in our favourite colour, from the ball in our hands to the basket. Not only did my free throw percentage increase and i became in the top ten in the country for free throw percentage but i also tried this technique with my three pointers. In the Semi Final i hit 4/7 three pointers! At the beginning of the season i was a nobody on the team......i would be the mouth of support on the bench....would average 12minutes per game and that was out of pity. After practicing the techniques and having regular chats with Paul i saw my minutes increase, my confidence increase and my improvement as a player increase. The last four games of the season i was second top scorer. The last three games of the season i was in the starting 5 team! I ended up 7th in the country for three pointer percentage, missing out on sixth place by 0.1% through out the whole season. Not bad considering i only shot well after Christmas when i started to speak to Paul.
I also ended up getting the Most Improved Player award voted by my own team mates and coaching staff! I got Most Valuable Player award in a local league final, where i was playing against some of my national league team mates by hitting 6 three pointers.
I have been asked by other division 1 teams to join their team for next season!

I believe it is safe to say Paul and his work really helped me, not only with my basketball career but my life in general! I am a lot stronger person because of the time and effort Paul put in!

Thanks Paul!

I know i can ramble on a bit and it's too long for me to proof read it so please feel free to dopt it in any way.

Thanks again



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