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4. The Website and Nutritional Service

Membership of UltimateCoach provides you with all of the previously described services and also immediate access to a website with a host of relevant sport-related information ranging from personalised and comprehensive Nutritional advice through to feedback from other Members dealing with similar
challenges to you but across a wide range of sports.

Nutritional advice

According to your age, gender and current daily exercise levels, we enable you to evaluate what your daily diet should look like, expressed in recommended food intake levels, across five key food groups. We then provide you with the means to monitor your food intake within certain tolerance levels so that you can establish, over time, whether you have, and can stick to, a regular balanced diet. We also provide you with modules on what you should eat, and most importantly drink, at various times around events and for different types of sports.

Club Newsletters
As a member of UltimateCoach you will receive frequent newsletters updating you on
  1. Improvements we make to our various services and how you can immediately benefit from them through online access.
  2. Successes and recommendations arising from use of the various services
  3. What’s new in the World of Sport and how UltimateCoach might assist
  4. Profiles on some of our members across different sports along with free to play competitions between UltimateCoach members, for attractive prizes

Various links to other websites of sporting interest, along with details of any discounted deals negotiated on your behalf by the management of UltimateCoach.


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