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2. The Development Log

In support of the motivational CD, the log provides a practical method of recording your output from the mental exercises undertaken in the CD as well monitoring your ongoing progress against objectives, training, performance in competition - linking your sports buddy or coach into every aspect of your development. The various sub-sections of the log are:

Personal Details – recording specific details about you, your team and your buddy or coach,   a clear understanding of your sporting environment, can be monitored

Strengths and Weaknesses Evaluation – providing a platform for personal and colleague evaluation of your current strengths/weaknesses across areas of key sporting competency

Areas for Improvement and corresponding Training requirements – focussing on short term areas of focus along with how your buddy will be able to assist you as well as how you both should be rewarded

Personal Objectives – following SMART rules; focussed short, medium and long term objectives are recorded enabling you and your buddy to own and monitor the progress and visualisation of your structured development programme

Creating the Movie documenting a bank of positive lifetime experiences, utilising the first CD’s visualisation techniques. The log allows you to produce a certificated affirmation statement providing daily visual reinforcement of your goals

What’s My Label – documenting areas in need of improvement and through regular positive visualisation, improve self perception - enabling you to stretch out of comfort zones

Training Session Records  – recording past and future training along with the measurement of its impact, both physical and mental, enabling you to be efficient and get the best from valuable training time  

Competing/Playing Records – how you perform on the day is critical, what went well, where  improvement could be made, how you felt - all need to be recorded. These can then be addressed utilising the various tools in the CD.

Sports Diary – keeping updated records of future training requirements/dates and key sporting events will ensure that you are able to plan, both physically and mentally, for success

and Nutrition Log – what you eat and drink are key influencers in your ability to perform. Your nutritional regime needs to be constantly reviewed and its impact on your training and performance.


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