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1. The CD's

The two UltimateCoach CD’s provide a motivational collection of mental tools and proven practical processes used by champion sportspeople.

The first CD delivers the above across the seven key areas of:

Commitment – through setting stretching
objectives you are able to create a programme for success that is within your control

Belief – providing the positive mental attitude needed to reach your optimal performance
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Concentration – allowing you to focus on the areas you need to in order to practice and perform perfectly
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Positive Images – getting into the zone quickly, when you need it most and performing at your best when the going gets tough

Mental Readiness
– experiencing success through visualisation techniques allowing you replicate the performance of your sporting heroes

Controlling Distractions
– changing negative self perceptions and reflecting positively on areas in need of improvement 

Evaluating Your Performance – looking at yourself through the eyes of others, identifying weaknesses and turning them into positively achievable goals
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Finally on the first CD, Keep fuelling the Dream summarises, by identifying the characteristics of a champion, enabling you to stay the course and achieve your goals

The second CD provides a selection of practical breathing, relaxation and belief exercises and some hypnosis to bring all 7 keys together. These can be used just before or after sporting events ensuring you get the most at all times from your key sporting events

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