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I have never done any mental training before, where do I start?
I recommend you do each of the tracks in order over a 7 day period and familiarise yourself thoroughly with the contents. Once you are familiar with each track you can work out which fits your situation.

Once I have done my goal setting, do I ever need to do it again?
absolutely, yes!! Your goals are your path to success and you must continually measure your progress. Once you have achieved the goals you set, reward yourself and then set new more stretching goals

I get really nervous before I compete, which exercises would you recommend to help me?
if you have time, I would suggest you do tracks 2 and 3 from CD 2 and then track 8 from CD 1, which will calm you right down and put you in exactly the state you want to be in to compete.

I find myself getting really mad when I don’t play well, and it seems to be getting worse, which tracks will help me?”
I would suggest you might want to do track 17 on CD1 and review what is happening and why. And then to do track 15 on CD 1 to change how you are talking to yourself.

Whenever I play against people who I think are better than me/us, I/we start thinking I/we will lose; can I/we do anything about this?”
first thing you need in sport is total belief in yourself/ your team that regardless of the opposition you will give your best. I would do track 7 on CD1 to build your belief and then do track 13 on CD1 and finally listen to track 6 on CD 2 “the man who thinks he can” or you could listen to Track 7 on CD 2 “ permission to present yourself.

I have never done any Hypnosis before, is it safe, and will I wake up?”
the track on CD2 is absolutely safe and you will wake up. In fact you may not even go to sleep; you might just be very relaxed listening to the words.

If you have an MP3 it would be really useful to download the whole of each CD onto it. If you only want to download certain tracks so you can listen to them on the way to training or competition I would recommend the following:

Track 11- Positive Images
Track 13- Mental Readiness

Track 2- Breathing
Track 3- relaxation
Track 6- “The Man who thinks he can”
Track 7- Permission to present yourself”


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