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Peter Jenner – Team Manager/Founder
Whilst still actively playing a range of sports and coaching, Peter has driven the commercial development of the UltimateCoach capability.
Having spent many years leading and motivating National Sales Teams within companies such as Dixons, Allianz Cornhill and AXA - all of whom are focussed on providing their customers with solutions in the areas of “health, wealth and happiness” -  Peter has combined a number of successful corporate services and personal development/motivational methodologies, with his learning from many years of playing a variety of different individual and team sports, to create a practical and affordable sports development tool that can be used by sportsplayers of all ages and standards. Click here for Sports Bio. Peter has three daughters and a wonderful wife all of whom are actively engaged in a range of different sports.

Paul Miller – Team Psychologist
A qualified NLP master practitioner, Paul has spent many years in both child and adult sports and personal development. This has culminated in Paul transferring many successful and proven psychological workshop programmes into the CD format now available as part of UltimateCoach. 

Chris Burgess–Team Nutritionist/Personal Trainer 
Chris has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 8 years. During that time he has helped a many people to achieve their personal nutrition and fitness goals. Clients’ goals range from sports specific, to simply losing weight. He runs a number of successful nutrition and weight management plans for various exclusive health clubs. Chris believes that anyone wanting to compete and be the best they can truly be, can only do so if they make a commitment to ensuring they get the right types and amounts of foods to fuel their performance.

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